StarBand Nova 500

Couple Enjoying StarBand Nova 500 Broadband Internet

StarBand’s most affordable way to get satellite broadband anywhere

Designed for customers that want a basic broadband Internet experience at a cost-effective price, Nova 500 is offered at StarBand’s lowest price-points. The service is ideal for light web surfing and emailing, and includes 5 email accounts with 7 GB of storage per email. Nova 500 is used to provide Internet access for one computer only and does not support networking capabilities.

Download Speeds up to 512 Kbps
Monthly Prices as Low as $59.99
Spam and Virus Filtering

Technical Specifications

Download Speeds up to 512 Kbps

Download Speeds

Up to 512 Kbps

Upload Speeds up to 100 Kbps

Upload Speeds

Up to 100 Kbps

5 Email Addresses

5 accounts included
7 GB of storage per e-mail

StarBand Mounting Options


Roof / wall mount or
non-penetrating mount included

IP Address

IP Address

1 dynamic IP address included

StarBand Equipment


Dish, mount, feed arm (ODU and LNB),
modem & crossover cables included

Free Dial Access

Dial Access

Available for a small fee

Equipment Price

Equipment & Standard Installation

$399.99 MSRP

Monthly Price as Low as $59.99

Monthly Service Price


Set-up and Getting Started

Getting started on using the StarBand system is easy, and a professional installer at your location will ensure that everything is taken care of. The service requires use of a StarBand dish (generally between .75 meter and 1.2 meters) and a StarBand satellite modem. During the professional installation, the StarBand satellite dish antenna is mounted on your roof, chimney or a pole in your backyard. The antenna is then connected to the StarBand satellite modem connected to your computer.

Once the installer confirms that your PC is up and running during the installation process, you are ready to start using your StarBand system for your broadband Internet needs! It’s that easy. And, if you ever have a question about your system, all StarBand services include 24x7 technical online support, as well as live support through our US based call center 7 days a week during business hours. Get started with your StarBand satellite Internet service today!

StarBand + Google™

StarBand has formed a strategic partnership with Google to host our email and provide access to many new portal features. StarBand customers benefit from the latest email technology through Google’s dynamic suite of communication applications.

7 Gigabytes of email storage - Save your emails as long as you like

Google Calendar - Schedule meetings, share calendars and communicate more effectively

Google Docs - Create online documents and collaborate with others across the globe

Access - You will be able to access your information anywhere, anytime – including email access via mobile devices

Reliability - Google has an incredibly reliable, fast and robust email service, complete with excellent anti-spam and anti-virus protection